Christian Vision - community rep

Charity: water - UK committee member

West Bromwich Albion FC - club chaplain


A business that communicates well and expresses itself with uniqueness is always successful.

I fell in love with business culture reading Hofstede et al about the differences and inescapable nuances that make each place/person in the world unique and beautiful captivated my mind. It was this area of business, alongside branding, that I specialise.

I have a Masters degree in International Business and Management where I focussed my dissertation on identifying brand value of sports teams.

I work in social media and tech. It has a significant part to play in todays society and is equally important for businesses that are trying to be successful in communicating their products to their customers.

Having been a pro footballer and gaining a UEFA coaching license, it has always been something close to my heart. Football and business are balanced hand in hand, in order for that to happen we need real fans learning the business side of the sport, so that 'football people' can attach to the business brain. The future profitability of the sport depends on this balance.


Whatever you believe in, it takes faith.

I became a Christian when I was 4, it's my earliest childhood memory. I am so happy that despite being a pretty bad kid I was able to compose myself long enough to make such a life changing decision.

I fully believe in what most call the 'unbelievable'. I have seen prayer work, I have seen people get healed of injury and sickness, and I have heard God speak to me.

I don't agree with Churches that try to exploit vulnerable people. I do agree with Churches that try to love them.

I have a passion for Church and Evangelism. I decided to keep the two areas separate because they each represent the internal (Church) element and the external (Evangelism) element to life as a Christian.


The timeless communication of story.

I am a movie freak. Touch my collection at your peril...

As much as I am a movie lover, I am also very critical. I have two collections: Films that I like to watch to entertain me, and those that I consider to be in my 'Personal Favourites' collection.

I love cinematography, through captivating atmospheres and emotion in such a way that it burns it's way through the screen, and draws out pure emotional response from the viewer.

I will be writing posts on two areas of movies. One will be a my thoughts and critique of films that I have in my 'Personal Favourites' collection, and the other will be a review of any films that I see or deem worthy of critical thought.


I have attempted a lot of 'projects' in my life, one being photography. My love for cinematography blends seemlessly with the former, and so I wanted to create an area on this site to share my images taken on my phone, and uploaded to my Instagram account.

10 Random Facts

I am the first person in the world (that I know of) to create a brand valuation tool for sports teams.

I was a professional footballer.

Favourite colour is blue and more recently, yellow.

I want to travel to Fiji, Cuba and New Zealand. (and a lot of other places).

I once got a star in primary school for writing a poem that included the word 'fart'

A super sized Bacon Double Cheeseburger, Fries and Coke from Burger King is my favourite meal.

I cracked half of my front tooth when I was 8, trying to climb up a slide...

I scored 'genius' on a personality test. I was 11.

When I was a teenager I used to wear a headset to straighten my teeth.

I pooped on the beach as a child. Then blamed it on a nearby dog.